About Us

Korel, a brand that combines the latest designs along with top grade quality to provide its customers with world class products at affordable prices. We have been at the forefront of innovation within the sanitary ware industry, providing environmentally friendly, water conserving solutions for our valuable customers.


We will give you a highly personalised service, based on our thorough knowledge of bathroom design and selection. Our aim is for you to be absolutely delighted with every single aspect of your dealings with us.


The smooth operation of these modern Sanitary ware have a range of wonderful designs to choose from. Installing modern Bathroom Sanitary and fittings can make a bold design statement whilst providing improved functionality with features such as

1. Environment Protection and Water Saving
2. High Powered New Flushing System
3. Pipeline Glaze Technique
4. Optimum Pipe diameter for Difficult to clog and Easy to unclog System
5. Cefiontect Technology with dual protection of smooth surface finish and ion isolation.