Welcome to Korel International

Korel International is an Indian based design office creating refined interior furnishing architecture and crafted furniture design projects. The word Korel literally means an idealistic, sensitive nature and a desire for culture and the refinements of life. And that's how we approach to each of their projects, as if we are doing their own Home.

A renowned, Korel was founded in the year 2003  by Anirudh Gupta & Amaan Noor, who are an astute entrepreneur. They have immense experience, having delivered projects in major parts of India. There vast knowledge of materials, manufacture processes, design combined with delivering of jobs with an inquisitive, honest and considered approach to design has made them an indomitable champion in the field.

With a portfolio that includes Hotels, Hospitals, Homes, penthouses, commercial, retail, and office developments and a vast product range not limited to Tiles, furniture, wall, flooring, sanitary ware, mixers, and Vanities Korel International has been the leading design studio and his presence in Noida city.

Korel International works across architecture and interiors, product and experiential design, forging a reputation for thoughtfulness, experimentation and craftsmanship. Approaching each project as storytellers, their work seeks to understand the character and context of each project. Each element is informed by a uniquely space-centric approach, blending it with sophistication, designing and rich materials.

At Korel International work is diverse, incorporating interiors, renovations, exhibition design, bespoke furniture design. The focus is on end-user enjoyment and the studio treats each project as a unique opportunity to develop a rich, beautifully detailed and contextually sensitive outcome.

Being able to understand client needs, providing them the experience they seek and executing their brief flawlessly has been integrate our growth history.

The approach is hands-on and quality in design and realization is achieved through a strong collaborative approach with clients, contractors, fabricators and other design professionals. Drawing from a wealth of experience in architecture, making, design and project management gives the studio a broad skill set able to guide projects at all stages. We at Korel International welcome you to explore the same Magic and allow us to create the image of your Mindspace in your real project space.

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